Prekindergarten Family Engagement Plan


Family engagement is the mutual responsibility of families, schools, and communities. Slocum ISD encourages family and community involvement to support student learning and achievement. This plan was developed to increase collaboration between the school, families, and the Slocum Community.

Components and Strategies of a Family Engagement Plan

1. Facilitate Family to Family Support

a) Foster a collaborative exchange of information by offering parent and student orientation/meeting with other

parents at the beginning of the school year

b) Family interactions/support at PFK meetings and activities, including Fall carnival and parent/grandparent

events held throughout the school year, such as school parties and field trips

2. Establish a network of community resources

  1. Link to Family Resources on our Webpage

Education Service Center 16

3. Increase family participation in decision making

a) Create systems and supports to eliminate barriers to parent participation that address quality, equity, and accessibility

b) Allow parents to participate in Title 1 advisory committee meetings, site-based committee meetings, and PFK meetings to make decisions

4. Equip families with tools to enhance and extend learning

a)Provide families with information relating to age-appropriate developmental expectations through monthly

calendar and newsletter

b)Develop staff through professional development to nurture family participation in student learning

c)Engage students and family through on-line learning/collaboration of family and school to promote mastery

and enrichment, using a remind system to promote extensions of learning

d)Inform families of technology resources available to students at school and at home

5. Develop staff skills in evidence-based practices that support families in meeting their children’s learning benchmarks

a) Provide essential professional development for educators in understanding communication and engagement with families

b) Instill the belief in educators/staff that family engagement is a core strategy to improve teaching and learning

c) Ensure alignment between family engagement activities and district/school teaching and learning goals

d)Respecting family practices

e)Supporting a family in crisis

f)Having common responses to children’s behavior

6. Evaluate family engagement efforts and use evaluation for continuous improvement

a)Collaborate with parents regarding goals for students

b)Family/teacher conferences/discussion regarding student progress and achievement

c)Annual evaluation of family engagement efforts