Director of the Anderson County Special Education Co-op

Position: Director of the Anderson County Special Education Co-op

Location: This Co-op provides special education support personnel to the Cayuga, Elkhart, Frankston, Neches, Slocum and Westwood school districts. The Co-op office is located in Frankston.

Qualifications: Master’s degree and certification in some area of special education (diagnostician, speech pathologist, LSSP, etc.). Principal’s certification preferred. Must have a strong background in special education and be familiar with special education law, as well as state and federal special education guidelines

Description: This position requires the ability to supervise special education personnel, develop and manage the Co-op budget, and work cooperatively with teachers and administrators to ensure quality services are provided for students with special needs.

Salary: Commensurate with experience

Contact: Dr. Joe Satterwhite, Superintendent of Cayuga ISD and Co-op Fiscal Agent

Mailing address = P. O. Box 427

Cayuga, TX 75832

Phone = 903-928-2102, Business Office Extension

E-mail address =

To Apply: Interested candidates should complete the employment application on Cayuga ISD’s website, The application and support materials should be submitted to Cayuga ISD, Attn: Dr. Satterwhite. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. However, it would be helpful for them to be received by February 4, 2022. The Anderson County Co-op Management Board is meeting to review applications beginning on February 8, 2022.