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Technology RFP

Slocum Independent School District
E-Rate RFP
Invitation to Bid
General Requirements
Vendor must be willing to participate in the FCC E-Rate Program and is responsible for complying with all rules and regulations of this program, including providing invoices to the Schools and Library Division in order for the school system to receive appropriate discounts.
Vendor must provide one primary contact number for all billing inquiries. This bid is made without any previous understanding or agreement with any other person, firm or corporation making a bid for the same purpose, and is in all respect fair and without collusion of fraud.

Selection Criteria
Slocum Independent School District reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and select the bid that offers the best overall benefit to the school system. Price is the primary consideration but not the only consideration per FCC rules for evaluating RFP’s for E-Rate. Special consideration will be given to the following:
a. A vendor’s overall performance record based on available references. (Contact information for a minimum of three Texas school references should be provided with the bid.)
b. Technical certifications/qualifications of personnel
c. Ability to meet schedule
d. Past experience with K-12

Response Submission:
Sealed responses to this RFP must be submitted and delivered to Slocum ISD no later than January 16, 2013 at 4:00 p.m. Central. The outside of the sealed envelope should be clearly marked with the Vendor name and E-rate SPIN number.
It is the sole responsibility of the respondents to ensure that their responses arrive in a timely manner. The Customer reserves the right to reject all late arrivals. Envelopes containing RFP's shall be so marked as to be easily identified as containing RFP proposals. The outside of the envelope shall be identified as follows:
Slocum Independent School District ERATE TECHNOLOGY RFP
Joel Parker, Director of Technology
5765 E. State Hwy 294.
Elkhart, Texas 75839
Oral, telephone, e-mail or fax bids shall not be considered, nor will modifications of proposals by such communication be considered. The completed proposal shall be without erasures or alterations. The Customer will not be liable for any cost incurred by the respondents in preparing responses to this RFP or negotiations associated with award of a contract.
a. Contact Person
Any questions concerning this RFP should be directed to
Joel Parker, Director of Technology at 903-478-3624
b. Erate Contingency Clause
Each bid/contract presented should be contingent upon full Erate funding. Suggested language to use on your bid is, “This proposal is contingent upon Erate funding. If the applicant does not receive the total anticipated funding from the Erate program for this proposal, the school or library may choose to void all or part of this proposal.”
c. Exclusion of ineligible equipment Bids submitted to the applicant should contain only Erate eligible equipment and services. Any services or products that are not Erate eligible must be presented on separate bids or quotes (such as voice mail for phone systems, telephone handsets, individual workstations, installation of software on workstations, etc.).
d. Erate upgrade clause
The Erate program will allow for upgrades to equipment, if the upgrade does not increase the amount of the funding request and the contract between the applicant and the service provider explicitly states that upgrades are allowed. The contract should state, “Upgrades of any service or product are allowed under this contract, upon mutual agreement of both parties.”
e. Installation charges
Labor charges for installation of any product or service must be identified on the initial bid.
f. Completeness of Bid
Any parts or equipment (such as patch panels) that are necessary to install the requested equipment or services must be identified on the bid from the service provider.
Telecommunication Services Requested 5 (pots) Lines
Telecommunication service will cover the period between July 1, 20012 and June 30, 20013.
a. Regular telephone service for the entire district. Bids for additional phone services such as 900/976 blocking will be accepted.
b. Long distance service for the entire district. Bids for long distance service should include rates for both intrastate and interstate plus any activation fees, special billing fees or minimums.
Internet Access Services Requested
Internet access will cover the billing period of July 1, 20012 to June 30 20013.
Dedicated Internet access
100Mbs or greater bandwidth Internet access.