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posted Jan 29, 2018, 12:45 PM by Joel Parker


It has been brought to our attention that there is a new activity going around social media.  Students are posting highly inappropriate questions and answers about other students.  This is, by definition, cyber-bullying.  Though this activity is currently done on Snapchat, it will not stay isolated there for long.  We also know that this current activity will pass as students lose interest, but a new one will develop just as quickly.

No one has the right to post hurtful, humiliating, or derogatory statements about another person.  New legislation known as “David’s Law” increases the school’s jurisdiction and punishment when dealing with bullying of all types, including cyber-bullying.  

Please check your child’s social media posts and content.  Let’s work together to prevent our students from humiliating and hurting each other.  If you find any negative content, please report it on our school bullying site or by contacting one of our school counselors (Lacie Sloan at elementary/jr high or Kim Tutt at high school.)  We want to stop this behavior, but we also want to ensure that those students involved get the help they need to overcome the effects this may have on them.  

Thank you,

Lacie Sloan

Kim Tutt