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Calling All Aspiring Photographers!

posted Apr 8, 2016, 9:52 AM by Joel Parker
Slocum Yearbook Staff would like to use photos taken this year in the yearbook. If you have taken some neat photos on your camera or cell phone and are willing to share them, send them in. We are looking for single students, twosies, groups, field trips, get togethers, special occasions, sports, clubs, judgings and so on. The yearbook tells the story of this school year in pictures and you may have a great picture. You could get lucky and see it included in this year’s book!


1.                  Open the website: or

2.                  If you have not uploaded before, you will have to create an account. Go to ‘New Users’ and enter MOSERI as the access code.

3.                  Once you have established your account, you can begin uploading pictures.

4.                  You may upload five (5) pictures at a time.

5.                  Click “Upload Images.”

6.                  Find the folder on your computer where you have stored your photos and select the pictures you want to share.

7.                  Pictures can only be in a .jpeg format and file size cannot exceed 10 MB.

8.                  File names can be up to 25 characters.

9.                  Do not use “&” or other special characters in file names.

10.              When finished selecting pictures to be uploaded, select “Submit.”

11.              Select the file category. ‘Miscellaneous’ is fine.

12.              Select ‘Submit All’ to finish uploading.

13.              You may review the images that have been uploaded, but you will not be able to modify or delete any images.

14.              Wait for ‘Upload Confirmation’ before uploading additional pictures. Upload times will vary due to Internet connection speeds.

15.              That’s all you have to do. If you need help, contact the Yearbook Staff or Mrs. Brenner on extension 307.