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Part-time Computer Technician

Job Title:        Part-time Computer Technician                             Wage/Hour Status: Nonexempt

Reports to:      Director of Technology                                         Pay Grade: Degreed Substitute

Dept./School:  Technology                                                            Date Revised:

Primary Purpose:

Perform on-site technical work to install and maintain computer equipment and network and software applications throughout the district. Respond to work order requests by diagnosing and repairing network and computer hardware.




High school diploma or GED


Special Knowledge/Skills:

Knowledge of computer workstation setup

Knowledge of computer hardware and software applications

Ability to install, maintain, and repair computers and peripherals, including printers, modems,


Ability to install and maintain network cables and hardware

Ability to diagnose problems and perform repairs



Prefer one year work experience installing, maintaining, and repairing computers and peripherals


Major Responsibilities and Duties:


1.                  Install and upgrade computers and peripherals throughout the district.

2.                  Install network cabling and network peripherals throughout the district.

3.                  Relocate computer hardware, peripherals, and equipment as needed.

4.                  Install and configure software as needed.

5.                  Assist with the installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of data communications circuits and equipment.

Equipment Repair and Maintenance

6.                  Diagnose and repair equipment, including printers, terminals, and personal computers.

7.                  Service equipment according to established preventive maintenance schedule.

8.                  Maintain accurate updated records of preventive maintenance.

9.                  Maintain accurate records of time and materials required to perform repairs and service.


10.              Operate tools and equipment according to prescribed safety procedures.

11.              Follow established safety procedures and techniques to perform job duties, including lifting, climbing and carrying.

12.              Correct unsafe conditions in the work area and report any conditions that are not correctable to the supervisor immediately.


13.              Respond to after-hours emergencies as needed.

Supervisory Responsibilities:


Equipment Used:

Hand tools and test instruments for electronic repairs and cable installations. Personal computers and peripherals, including modems and printers.

Working Conditions:

Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:

Climbing, stooping, bending, and kneeling; frequent use of small hand tools and electronic test equipment; frequent districtwide travel. Occasional prolonged and irregular hours. May be required to be on-call 24 hours a day.





The foregoing statements describe the general purpose and responsibilities assigned to this job and are not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties that may be assigned or skills that may be required.


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